As a parent, I understand that it’s my obligation to ensure my children get the best level of education for this world and the hereafter.  If I can provide personal tutors for my children’s school studies, then why do I compromise when it comes to my religion, which is our way of life? Just because our children have finished the recitation of the Quran once, learnt to pray and know a few masnoon duas, is this enough?? Do we stop educating our children after GCSE’s?

No, we push them to go to college, universities and further to achieve PHD’s.  But this education is temporary, just like the dunya. I have learnt that we, as parents will be questioned on the day of judgement regarding the teachings we have provided to our children.  This scares me to think, have I done enough? I am willing to substitute two hours in the evening, 5-7pm, of my child’s activities which include iPad, TV, Instagram and Snapchat, for two hours of studying instead.  I can assure that this will have no impact on their school studies.  If anything, our children are more likely to prosper in all aspects of life because of the blessings of the Quran and Sunnah, InshaAllah.

(Anonymous, Parent)


Alhamdulilah I am seeing a massive change in my daughter. She never forgets to read her duas before doing anything like going to the bathroom or eating. And she has even started correcting me in my prayers!

(Mohammed, Parent)

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